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February 3rd, 2012 | Scott Kerrigan

Little LeFauve on Big LeFauve

Today, we continue our series of profiles of SKMers with Executive Vice President Bryan LeFauve. Bryan is the leader of all the agency’s “logical left brains,” and as a creative right brain, I wanted to come up with a fresh, interesting approach to describe Bryan.

I called on a one-man focus group to help me get the right angle on our EVP: Bryan’s eight-year-old son, Burke. Burke was able to provide some excellent insights into SKM’s head geek. Check out what Burke had to say on Bryan:

SPK: What does your dad do every day?

Burke: He just sits down and types at his computer all day.

SPK: What do you think is his favorite part of the job?

Burke: Making commercials.

SPK: What do you and your dad like to do for fun?

Burke: We wrestle. Mostly just fool around.

SPK: What do you like to do when you visit him at the office?

Burke: I like to go to the lunchroom because there are beanbag chairs there.

SPK: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Burke: SWAT team guy.

SPK: What kind of music does your dad listen to in the car?

Burke: Pearl Jam, usually. I like it, but I like to listen to the song “All Star” by Smash Mouth and other stuff, too.

SPK: Your dad coaches your baseball team. What advice does your dad give you on the field?

Burke: Be focused.

SPK: And what if you lose a game?

Burke: “Good try, we’ll do better next time.”

SPK: Does your dad ever call himself a “geek” or talk a lot about strategy?

Burke: [long pause] Sometimes. Not always.

SPK: How did your dad get so tall?

Burke: He was born tall, just like me.

SPK: Will you grow to be taller than him?

Burke: No. I don’t think so.

SPK: What’s your dad’s favorite Disney movie?

Burke: “Cars 2” because we watch it together.

SPK: What’s your dad’s favorite food?

Burke: Pizza, I’m pretty sure.

SPK: What’s the coolest thing your dad has ever done for you or your sisters?

Burke: Well, actually this summer we’re going to Detroit to see a Tigers game. I think that will be the best when it happens, but we went to Waldemeer Park once.

SPK: What was your dad’s favorite ride at Waldemeer?

Burke: Wipeout. I call it the “penny drop” because it spins around like those things that you put pennies into.

SPK: Thanks, Burke. You remember how to get back to your dad’s office right?

Burke: [Nods, runs away]

As I was leaving the agency, Bryan and Burke were enjoying some McDonald’s together in Bryan’s office. They both looked happy; that’s the product of good analytics and forward-thinking strategy, if you ask me.

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